Chinese Character for 'Health'
Mission Statement:   To provide expert, compassionate and unique integrative care in a peaceful, healing environment where we are dedicated to teaching each person practical and attainable strategies to regain and maintain optimal health and vitality.

The Glenview Healing Arts Center is an oasis of serenity located in the Patio Shops complex in downtown Glenview. The clinic is a welcoming environment where thousands of people have healed with acupuncture and Oriental medicine under the guidance of the clinic's founder and director, Claudette Baker.  Since 1985, Ms. Baker has been providing affordable and highly effective natural family health care that is based upon advanced knowledge and skills, dynamic communication, and mutual trust. She provides health care with compassion and offers guidance for making changes in ones diet and lifestyle to attain optimal health.

Oriental Medicine is a complete system of healing that has been developed and perfected over thousands of years and is utilized by more people worldwide than any other type of medicine.  Although sometimes referred to as 'alternative' or 'complimentary,' Oriental Medicine is not 'experimental.'  In fact, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) considers acupuncture to be mainstream based on the hundreds of NIH-sponsored research studies that have shown acupuncture to be safe and effective.

Most patients who come to the Glenview Healing Arts Center have already been to numerous medical specialists and many to alternative practitioners but still have unresolved or dire health issues. We take great pride in offering healthcare that is based upon extensive education and post-graduate training in Oriental Medicine. Claudette has trained with some of the leading doctors from Asia, Europe and the US and obtains excellent results in her robust practice of both children and adults.  She is passionate about learning, teaching and practicing Oriental Medicine.



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