Part One

Gives an overview of the conference and a presentation on “Acupuncture Safety”, “Whole Systems Research in Oncology”,  and a panel discussion on acupuncture research design.

Part Four

Reviews a talk titled “The Future of Integrative Oncology”, given by Dr. Stan Gerson, MD, Director of the Case Western Reserve University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Part Two

Reviews presentations on  “The Status of FDA Regulations of Natural Products”, “Oxidative Stress and Cancer”, “Mitigating Treatment Toxicity and Enhancing Treatment Efficacy”, “Cancer Treatment Toxicities and Use of Supplements”

Society For Integrative Oncology 2011 Conference at the Cleveland Clinics

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Acu News

The American Acupuncturist,March 2009,Vol. 47"Oriental Medicine in the United States" by Claudette Baker

Part Three

Reviews presentations on “Circadian Disruption and Cancer,” and “Circadian Disruption of the Nocturnal Melatonin Signal”

Claudette Baker L.Ac., Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine